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Being Seen: A Conversation with Dr. Simone Hyater-Adams

On July 23rd I had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Simone and discuss what we think it means to be seen in interesting disciplines (Physics & Art). Simone talked about the distinct realities of how we perform in each space and ultimately concluded that what she seeks and wants is to be uplifted, supported, celebrated & valued, things that I too think are important attribute needed to be seen as an artist and physicist.

To read more about Dr. Simone and her work please click here.

I hope you all will enjoy this conversation! Please feel free to join in on the conversation.


This blog is part of my journey with physics, art, and everything in between. You can find a new post here every Sunday. Here are some upcoming topics and things that I will be talking about later this month.

August 9th: TBA

August 16th: Being Seen: A Conversation with Brian Zamarripa Roman

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