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Feminist  ✿  Dancer  ✿  Artist  ✿  Writer  ✿  Equestrian ✿  Physicist

Olivia Lowe is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College earning her Bachelor’s degree in Dance and Physics. She is passionate about generating art through movement, music, community building, reclaiming Black joy, comedy, writing, horseback riding, photography, storytelling, critical thinking, and social justice activism. With her contagious smile and charisma, Olivia’s identity is largely rooted in her versatile talents. This summer she is studying dance techniques of the African Diaspora with Black artists and professionals in a new program called Black Beauty Dance. Furthermore, Olivia is mobilizing an Alumni Advisory Committee to plan the 25th Anniversary Gala for her home dance studio, Sharron Miller’s Academy for the Performing Arts. She looks forward to choreographing her Senior Capstone Dance Project, and researching kinematic data with Dr. Aston McCullough this fall. Follow Olivia’s journey on Instagram @livvilowe. 

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