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Spring's Constant

2020. Acrylic. 10" X 20" canvas

Physics meets Hair. I named it Spring's Constant because I was interested in the way my hair formed different forms of k (the rigidity of my hair.) When you do your hair do you observe how some curls are looser than others? Are some coils stiffer than most? Why do some strains of hair form no spring-like shape at all?


The Cradle

2020. Acrylic on 11" X 14" canvas

This painting is an interpretation of Newton's Cradle representing the fundamental laws of physics and mechanics. Specifically the law of conservation of energy, conservation of momentum, elastic collision, and friction.


Discovery of the Unknown

2021. Acrylic on 16" X 20" 

There has always been something so appealing about the universe and its many galaxies .This piece signifies a new love for the discovery of the unknown, whether it be physics, astronomy, or just plain art.


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