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Tamia Williams

Physicist. Artist. Researcher.

Promoting Science, Physics, and the Arts through Research

Tamia Williams is a multi-hyphenate science communicator who promotes a more inclusive and creative space within STEAM. As a science communicator, Tamia uses her knowledge of physics and background in the performing arts to translate science into works of art. In addition to being a physicist and artist, Tamia is also a writer and researcher. You can find her published work in Physics World Magazine, one of the world's largest physical societies, on the Youtube Channel Physics Girl, and on her Blog.

Research & Collaborations

My research interests include physics education research, performing arts, diversity, science outreach, STEM education and digital humanities.


Deconstructing Black Physics Identity

Using the CPI framework to understand the ways in which Black people identify as physicists.


Intersection of Identity and Performing Arts of Black Physicists

How Black Physicists negotiates their physics identity to gain and maintain membership in the physics community.


Intersectionality and Physics Identity

Understanding the intersection of physics identity and racial identity.

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About Me

Tamia’s passion lies at the intersection of science, specifically physics and art. She strives to create content that is relatable and accessible to all individuals whether it be through painting, digital mediums or writing.

Let's Connect

What to bring a research idea to life? Let’s connect. I offer services in consulting on topics that include physics education research, and science education. Let’s bring your STEAM ideas to life!

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